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Cash For Scrap Cars purchases old cars, crossovers, minivans, SUVs, and trucks, allowing you to make money while clearing up your backyard, garage, or driveway.
Unlike other services, EZ car removal accepts automobiles of all brands and models, drivable or not. In addition, we will pay the top price for your damaged automobile or truck.
We purchase vehicles online by filling out our quote form or over the phone.
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    Get rid of your scrap car now!

    Selling your old automobiles might be a lucrative trade option for you. We are the best place in Sydney to sell your old, unwanted, or damaged car. We purchase various automobiles and pay large sums of money, up to $9,999.
    We are Sydney’s leading cash-for-car business, and we offer a variety of services to our customers. We hire experts with a wide range of skills. They ensure that customers receive the finest possible services.
    Our services are offered throughout Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. We make sure that your automobile is disposed of quickly and hassle-free.
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    Get rid of your scrap car now

    How it works: Four simple steps!

    Obtain a quote
    Register your car information online or over the phone to obtain an instant free quotation!
    Accept the estimated price
    When you approve your offer, we will want confirmation of ownership and a few other things.
    Free car removal
    We’ll arrange for free towing if it’s inside our towing area. Moreover, we have expert and professional tow truck drivers, so you don’t have to worry about anything!
    Earn instant cash
    You will be paid as soon as we acquire your old vehicle.

    Sell Your Car Today

    We are the car buying professionals.

    At EZY car removals, we are a car purchasing specialist since we have expertise in the car removal sector and have a highly skilled and informed team of professionals familiar with cars of all types. They can instantly check up on any information they don’t know about a vehicle. As a result, when you approach us, you are contacting a buyer who employs skilled car assessors and competent scrappers and will pay you a fair price for your car. There are no headaches or offensive offers with our staff. We merely inquire about the specifics of your vehicle and then make you a cash for cars quote.
    Why choose us?
    • We have years of expertise in purchasing used vehicles and providing junk car removal operations.
    • Furthermore, we are ecologically conscious and perform ethical auto recycling methods such as air-conditioning de-gassing and safe oil and fluid removal.
    • You will be paid in cash at the moment, and your automobile will be removed for free.
    • We offer the best market value for your unwanted automobile or vehicle.
    • We purchase vehicles in any condition and of all makes and models.
    • Our qualified and experienced team will provide you with timely and professional assistance.
    Contact us for any car removals and be delighted at the highest market quotation.
    Free car removal service

    Free car removal service

    We are one of the top car towing service providers, providing free junk car removal assistance. We have a trained staff of car dealers who can serve you in any way you require throughout a car clearance

    We will not cost you a towing fee regardless of where you live in Sydney. Our team, including a tow truck driver, will come to your place on the schedule and day you specify. After a brief on-site evaluation of your automobile, we will collect it and offer you cash right away.

    Do we demand any additional charges?

    A few auto disposal services in Sydney may cost you a towing fee or additional fees to execute the paperwork. We are different! We don’t charge a dime for any of our offerings.
    Each service is free by providing you with a free quote to remove your car. We make every effort to give you the best car disposal for money service possible.


    How much do we pay for your old and scrap cars

    We pay cash for cars based on their health, usage, age, manufacture, and model. However, the cost can be increased to $9,999.

    How long does it take to remove a car in Sydney

    The time it takes to remove a car is usually some hours. Although, because of the massive amount of bookings, traffic and other essential considerations may take longer than anticipated.

    Do we take fees for towing

    No! We provide our clients with a free towing service. We will not cost you a towing fee regardless of how far you reside in Sydney.

    What is your preferred method of payment

    We usually pay in cash on the spot, but we can also negotiate for bank transfers or cheque transactions.

    Why should you select us

    We are a licenced and well-known used automobile buying service. We cater to our customers ‘ demands, from free vehicle inspections to same-day cash payouts.