7 Most Valuable Auto Parts for a Cash for Cars Company

Posted on 17th, Jan 20

By now you would have heard of the many benefits of selling your car for cash with an Auto Wrecker, namely, they’re fast, convenient and require very few steps to have everything completed. Unlike run-of-the-mill Car Buyers such as Used Car Yards and motorists looking for their next set of wheels, Cash for Cars companies are Auto Wreckers who recycle Auto Parts and the wealth of Scrap Metals that make a vehicle.

But what parts in your unwanted vehicle are worth top dollar for a Cash for Cars company?

1. The Engine

The ‘heart’ of your car, if your engine is still in working condition, it can raise your Cash for Cars deal by a few hundred dollars at least. Has your car experienced engine failure? Not a problem, it might be repairable or at the very least be worth money for its metal, including its aluminium.

2. Transmission

Transmission failure is a common problem for vehicles and also highly inconvenient: if your transmission fails, you’ll need it repaired or replaced by one before you can drive again. A working transmission will help make an Auto Wrecker’s offer for your car an agreeable price.

3. Starter Motor & Alternator

Attached to your vehicle’s engine, these 2 items are worth a good deal of money. They also contain a good deal of valuable metals including steel and copper wiring. These are high in demand so expect a good price for these.

4. Radiator

The radiator is one of the most valuable auto parts in your car and is also relatively easy to remove.

5. Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is highly demanded by Cash for Scrap Car companies and motorists alike. Buying a new catalytic converter will cost someone an arm and a leg, and so if you have a working converter, you can sell it for a good price to a Car Removal company.

6. Wheels, Tyres & Rims

Every car needs reliable wheels, but a lot of the time buying them new can be out of people’s budget. Although cheaper than newly manufactured wheels, your vehicle’s wheels, tyres and rims will help make you a very agreeable sum of money with an Auto Wrecker.

7. Scrap Metals

Aside from Auto Parts, your vehicle has a lot of valuable metals that can be dismantled, melted and reused as strong as ever. No matter what condition your car is in, those scrap metals will guarantee you an offer of some kind from a Car Removal business. So, if you have a junk car lying around, why not make some quick cash with it today?

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